How to Constantly Upskill Yourself

Hangout in Forums & Communities

  • Choose a community you can resonate with, by community we mean a collection of self-motivated developers/engineers/programmers. You are already at right place 😉.
  • Read and watch what people are asking and discussing about
  • A good example is reading questions on stackoverflow or Software Engineering - StackExchange.
  • Join programming related subreddits (Reddit is the best place for software folks after StackOverflow). If you like JavaScript, find subreddits related to javascript and join them.

Write Code & Create Software Projects

  • This has been asked & repeated thousands of time by everyone on Internet, Just build stuff!
  • Learn how to contribute to FOSS, if you don't have ideas yourself to build.
  • Constantly learning new stuff is useless if you can't apply those new techniques.

Write about what you learn

  • No matter how small things are if its something forgettable (and most of the things in software are) then log it somewhere.
  • Build a notes sites just for yourself, no need to be fancy. Open a text file, write about what you learned, store in a git repo or in google docs.
  • You can optionally choose to share you knowledge with the rest of the world via blogs.

Where to find interesting stuff?

Read Newsletters

Listen to Podcasts

Attend/Watch Conferences


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